CD Contents

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CD 1

  1. Brian O Neill, Here’s a Health to the Company
  2. Cecelia Devlin and Nuala (McErlain) Weymes, Chat with Mick Mc Elkenny
  3. Kiarn Mc Kenna, Frank Convery, Walter Hutchinson and Eamon Stinson, Magillycuddys
  4. Geordie Hanna (Deceased) Derrylaughan, Brocha Brae
  5. Henry Mc Erlean Clare and Tommy Doherty
  6. Geraldine and Iggy Mc Glinchey, Mairead Mc Gill, Susan Duggan and Joanne Mc Crystal, Red is the Rose
  7. James Murphy Jaws Harp & Packie Kealy Fiddle, Jigs
  8. John Mc Eleney, Clonmany, Curragh of Kildare
  9. John Young, Star of the County Down
  10. Johnny Conway, the Blitz
  11. Jose Mc Mullan, Chat with Mick Mc Elkenny
  12. Keady Fair, Mick (Mac) Devlin
  13. Danny Mc Carron (Clonmany), Mary from Dungloe
  14. No Goats Toes, George Tohill Guitar & Voc, Dick Mc Keague Accordian, Mick Mc Elkenny Fiddle, Billy Cushley Bass Moyola River
  15. Nuala (mc Erlain) Weymes, Ned of the Hill
  16. James Hanna (Deceased) George Hanna Organ, The Bard of Armagh
  17. Pat Joe Keightley, Electricity and Joke
  18. Seamus Grant Clonmany, Fidle, Hornpipe
  19. Terence Mc Kee, Lullaby, Mandolini
  20. The Hutchinsons (Walter, Philip and Alan) The Godfather
  21. John James Kelly, Peggy Gordoon
  22. Winnie Mc Nicholl, Magherafelt May Fair
  23. John Mc Elenny Folk Song
  24. Seamus Grant Fiddle, Waltz

CD 2

  1. Mick Mc Elkenny, Blind Mary
  2. Colm Lynn, The Banks of Kilrea
  3. Murray Dancers, Set Dance, Reel
  4. Clare Doherty, Tin Whistle, Reel
  5. Eilish Hanna, Caroline from Edinburgh Town
  6. Dan Mc Nicholl, Faughan Side
  7. Ian Mc Kay, Interview Eamon and Eugene Kielt
  8. James Murphy & Packie Kealey, Slow Air
  9. Jimmy Mc Eldowney, Carntogher Braes
  10. Peter Mc Crory, Shamrock Shore
  11. Joanne Mc Crystal, Teady O’Neill
  12. John Joe Rocks, Paddy Scott and Jim Gallagher, John Joe Reilly (The Cavan Footballer)
  13. No Goats Toe, Dick Mc Keague Accordian, Paddy Heagetty Fiddle, Vincent Donnelly Banjo, George Tohill Guitar, Billy Cushley Bass
  14. The Hutchinsons (Walter, Philip, and Alan) Rooneys
  15. Elizabeth Mc Peake, Innisfree
  16. Clare Devlin, Shannagolden
  17. Rose Ryan, Chat, Coyles Cottage
  18. Barney Mc Eldowney (Deceased) Long Before Your Time (Taken from Recordings)
  19. Brian Toner (Deceased) Bellaghy and Friends Recorded in Dungiven in mid 1980’s
  20. Willie Devlin Moortown (Deceased) White Washed School House (Taken from Recordings)

CD 3

CD 4

CD 5

CD 6

  1. The Hutchinsons (Alan Philip and Walter) Craigs
  2. Cecelia Devlin, Murloch Mary
  3. Danny Mc Carron (Clonmany) Gentle Annie (Mini Disc Recording)
  4. Henry Me Erlean Fiddle, Tommy Doherty Accordian and Clarre Doherty Tin Whistle, Hornpipes
  5. Billy Mc Kee Fiddle, Kevin Mc Kee Bodhran, Mick Mc Elkenny Fiddle and Seamus Lagan Guitar
  6. Eilish Hanna The Fishers Cot
  7. Frank Convery, Waltzes
  8. John Mc Creanor, Carndaisey Hill
  9. Geordie Hanna (Deceased) Lisburn Lass (Cassette Recording)
  10. Nuala (Mc Erlain) Weymes, Brid Ni Mhille
  11. Maureen Mc Glone Fiddle, Una Mc Corry Piano, Jigs
  12. No Goats Toe, Paddy Hegarty Fiddle, Vincent Donnelly Banjo, Dick Mc Keague Accordian, Billy Cushley Bass and George Tohill Guitar
  13. John Mc Williams, Ballinascreen, Barbers Shop
  14. Noreen O Kane, Banks of the Foyle
  15. Ian Mc Kay, Paddy Lavery, Elizabeth Mc Peake (Chat)
  16. Wilson Scott Low Whistle, Terence Mc Kee Arrangement and instr, The Eagles Whistle
  17. Maoloise Doherty and Danny Mc Carron (Clonmany), Barn Dance (Mini Disc Recording)
  18. Murray Dancers, Set Jig
  19. Bernie Murray Chat with Mick Mc Elkenny
  20. Paddy Gray, Angels
  21. Pat Joe Keightley, Yarn (Mini Disc Recording)
  22. The Mc Peakes (Jimmy on Mandolin, Mary on Piano) The Coulin
  23. The Mountainy Farmer, Paddy Kelly
  24. Ursula Gray, Lovely Shankyle
  25. Tillie Mc Vey Chat with Mick Mc Elkenny (Mini Disc Recording)
  1. Pat Mc Kenna Guitar and Vocals, Sean Mc Kenna Guitar and Lead, Sean Mc Cullagh Bass, Stanley Swann Steel and Backing Vocals, Sweet Fallalea
  2. Joey O’Neill Guitar Vocals and composition, Geoffrey Mc Cooke Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals, Life is for Living
  3. Mona Mc Kee, Cottage in the Country
  4. Kiarn Mc Kenna, Frank Convery, Walter Hutchinson and Eamonn Stinson, Regatta
  5. Paddy Kelly, The Old Bog Road
  6. Iggy Mc Glinchey Vocal and Bodhran, Mairaid Mc Gill  Guitar, Joanne Mc Chrystal Whistle, Geraldine Mc Glinchey Chorus and Susan Duggan Chorus, Roger Rum
  7. Dominic Kelly, Cot in Tiree
  8. Winnie Mc Nicholl, River Finn
  9. Peter Mc Crory Composer, The Glenshane Pass
  10. Ursula Gray, Native Ireland
  11. Maoloise Doherty (Clonmany) Accordian, Danny Mc Carron Guitar, John Mc Eleney Guitar, Seamus Grant Fiddle
  12. Barney Mc Eldowney (Deceased) Pat Neds Jeep
  13. Billy Mc Kee, Slow Air
  14. Ian Mc Kay, Thomas Mc Glone, John Mitchell, Bridie Gribben, Dick Mc Keague (Chat), John Hurl and Gerry Mc Ananey
  15. James Murphy Jaws Harp/Mouth Organ & Packie Kealey, Hornpipe and Party Piece
  16. No Goats Toe, Saddle the Pony and two free meals in the Elk
  17. Paddy Gray, Yarn
  1. Terence Mc Kee Mandolin, St Lurachs
  2. Mairead Mc Gill Vocal and Guitar, Joanne Mc Crystal, Iggy and Geraldine Mc Glinchey, Susan Duggan, Caledonia
  3. Dominic Kelly, Never Depsise an Old Friend
  4. Walter Hutchinson Fiddle and Guitar, Carty’s
  5. Jimmy Mc Peake Mandolin, Mary Mc Kenna Guitar, O’Carolans
  6. Willie Devlin Moortown, Factory Girl (Cassette Recording)
  7. Frank Convery Curraigh, Solo Accordian
  8. Pat Mc Kenna Guitar & Vocals Song Writer, Stanley Swann Steel and B. Vocals, Sean Mc Kenna Guitar & Lead, Sean Mc Cullogh Bass, Glenshane
  9. John Joe Rocks Guitar & Vocals, Paddy Scott Fiddle and Jim Gallagher Accordian Co. Meath
  10. Cecilia Devlin, The Hiking Song
  11. Ian Mc Kay Chat, John Mitchell and Bridie Gribben
  12. John O Mc Williams, Lochinsholin
  13. Jackie Devlin, Lough Erins Shore
  14. George Tohill Guitar and Vocal, Billy Cushley Bass, Mick Mc Elkenny Fiddleand Dick Mc Keague Accordian, Gosfords Fair Domain
  15. Joey ONeill Guitar & Vocal Songwriter, Geoffrey Mc Cooke Bass Guitar, Mick Mc Elkenny Fiddle, Music Man
  16. Clare Doherty, Solo Whistle Piece (All Ireland Champion)
  17. Brian O Neill, Gallbally Farmer
  18. John Young, Sally Garden
  19. Johnny Conway, The Clockin Hen
  20. James Murphy mouth organ, Packie Kealey fiddle and roadie John Mc Nicholl
  21. Packie O Neill (Deceased) Beautiful Ireland (cassette recording)
  22. Pat Joe & Bernie Keaghtley, Frank Convery, Mick Mc Elkenny interviewee (mini-disc recording)
  23. Dan & John Duffin (Deceased) , cassette recording made in America in 1957
  24. Maureen Mc Glone fiddle and tin whistle, Una Mc Corry piano, Mc Dermotts (cassette recording)
  1. John Mc Creanor, Church Islands
  2. John James Kelly, The Winding River Roe
  3. Paddy Gray, The Land of the Gale
  4. Walter Hutchinson, Mc Dermotts Reel
  5. Billy Cushley, Deportee
  6. Colm Lynn, My Native Land
  7. Clare Devlin, Noreen Bawn
  8. A poem called “Cherry Stone” written by the P1 P2 & P3 pupils of St Brigid’s Primary School, Mayogall and taken from the book “Sound as Stone”dedicated to the memory of Anne Heaney late sister of the world famous poet Seamus Heaney. (Elaine Agnew musician and composer, Cliona Doris Harpist, Recited by Claire Mc Gill, Conor Mc Mullan and Mary O Kane, School Principal)
  9. Dan Mc Nicholl, Glen Swilly
  10. Maoloise Doherty Clonmany Accordian, Seamus Grant Fiddle, The Hat My Father Wore (mini-disc recording)
  11. Ian Mc Kay interviews Bridie Gribben, Elizabeth Mc Peake, Kevin Walls of Newbridge Ceoltas
  12. Jackie Devlin, When Two Lovers Meet (Banks of the Lee)
  13. Jimmy Mc Eldowney, Tamney Mullan Reels
  14. Billy Mc Kee, Solo Fiddle
  15. Mona Mc Kee, Irish Country Home
  16. No Goats Toe, Live in The Moy
  17. Packie O Neill, Beautiful Ireland (cassette recording)
  18. John Young, Failte
  19. Johnny Conway, Buskers
  20. Mick Mc Elkenny Vocal, Seamus Lagan Guitar,  The Cross of Ardboe (Fisherman’s Lament)
  21. Mick Mc Elkenny, Chat with Seamus Lagan
  22. “It’ll be alright on the night”, Mick Mc Elkenny, Jose Mc Mullan & Eamonn Stinson (Game for a Laugh 10 out of 10)