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“O Ghluin go Gluin”

  From Knee to Knee

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Michael Mc Elkenny


174 Glen Road Maghera BT46 5JN







O Ghlun go Gluin represents a collection of local artists who have recorded local songs, music and stories for posterity.. Starting with Seamus Lagan and Mick Mc Elkenny, the idea grew from a single recording to the present day 6 CD collection.

A range of Irish traditions are encompassed within the CDs, bringing songs, music and folklore together - culture that has been passed down throughout the generations. Local artists, over the period of eight months from December 2001 to August 2002, combined from Tyrone, Donegal, Antrim and Derry to bring a unique blend of old customs from around the north of Ireland.

Local artist Pat Mc Kenna provided the cover art for the CD collection and  has a vast range of local scenes and characters.and emphasises the quality of work and art that is available within the counties. Pat’s work is available for purchase by contacting him on 028-7964-2801.

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The cost of the 6 CD package is Stg £29.99. Conversion rates to your local currency can be found at www.xe.com/ucc and postage and packaging rates are found here . Send cheques or money orders for the full amount inclusive of postage and packaging, in Sterling only, to Michael Mc Elkenny at the above address and allow up to 28 days for delivery.

NB All artwork and original works contained within the site remain the copyright of the artist and no unauthorised reproduction of the works, electronic or otherwise, may be carried out without the express permission of the artist. For information on the artist please email your requests to info@Magherafelt.Biz .

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