Prices and Packages

Packages Available

For businesses who are just getting started on the web, the Starter package offers an inexpensive way to try out the web.

For businesses who are accustomed to the web and would like to be part of the Magherafelt.Biz web portal, then the Advanced package allows more flexibility

For businesses who want the most from the web, who realise the potential of the web, then Premium package is for your business.

For under 72p per day, you can avail of having a web address and email account. This can help in your marketing and notification to customers of your products, services and any deals or offers your business provides

For just over £1 per day, you can get the web address and email account and have up to 1/2 Meg of web space to host your web site. Extra email addresses can be allocated, so your business can have differing emails for different departments.

For under £1.50 per day you can get 1 meg of web space,  up to 4 email addresses and access to web tools such as MySQL and PHP programming. This allows for large web presences with the ability to keep online, dynamic databases about your products, services and customers.

Simply check out the Starter package, fill in the Signup form and we’ll have you online as soon as possible. Be sure to include a contact name and telephone number so we can finalise details.

Take a look at the Advanced package and see if it has what you require. If it is what your business needs, then fill in the online Signup form and we’ll be in contact to get you online as soon as possible.

Check out the Premium package and see what advantage it could be to your business. Then fill in the Signup form and we’ll contact you in regards to your specific web needs.

If you already have your web strategy in place but feel your business will benefit by being listed with all the other businesses within the district, then you can get a Referral page that will list your business details and give your current web address and email.

The Referral page is the same price as the Starter package and we can have your Referral page in the colour and style as your current web solution. Simply fill in the Signup form and mention your current web solution when we contact you and we’ll get your web listing matching your web solution.

Trying to sell your car? Looking for a quick and economical way to advertise your car? Well from just 99p per week you can have your car advertised and if you have a photo of it you can have it along with the details. Just fill in the online form and let us get you up and running. See the Costs page for how little it is to advertise your car.

Got a job you need to fill? Want to attract people who use the web? Well advertise your job with Magherafelt.Biz and see who replies. Just fill in the online form and let us advertise you jobs for you. To see how little it costs just visit the Costs page.