Omni Computer Consultancy
Omni Computer Consultancy

Omni Computer Consultancy

Omni is your local supplier of tailored software solutions. Omni was founded in 1996 to provide software solutions to national and international businesses.  A range of services were provided and in mid 2001 a strategic review took place of these services. It was decided that local companies within Northern Ireland could benefit from hving these services locally available, especially small and medium enterprises.

Omni offers a range of services to help your company’s business take advantage of the opportunitites that await you in the online world.

For small companies, Omni can offer consultancy on how they can get on the web, improve their current standing on the web and help seek out new opportunities. Omni can also help look at your current organisation and discuss how you can optomise and protect your current IT investment.

For larger companies, Omni can offer the following range of services

    Contingency Planning - From Disaster Recovery Planning to Full Off Site Solutions
    Website Design - From Funky to Professional, whatever your site needs
    Systems Administration - HP, Sun or Linux Administration catered for
    Oracle Services - If you need specialist Oracle Services, get what you need sorted here
    Consultancy - Advice on how to get the best from your IT and plan for the future
    IT Training - Get your staff skills sorted, either on your site or at a designated training site

For full details of all services offered, please feel free to visit our website .

Omni is a proud sponsor and software provider for Magherafelt.Biz


Contact Details

Name                             Omni Computer Consultancy

Address                          16 Portland Avenue, Glengormley, Co Antrim

Telephone                      +(44)-077-1316-4351