Frequently Asked Questions

Why bother getting on the web?


Whats in it for my business?


Already on the Web?


Still not sure?


What is new about this?


Dont need a web page?


I cant afford a new pc!


So what do you get?


OK - How much????


Know your customers.




1.Why bother getting on the web?


Today, more and more people are first turning to the web to research what product or service they require. As more and more people use the web to find out if a product or service is available, local retailers are missing out if they have no presence to other (usually overseas) providers. If you think your business can benefit from more people knowing about it and feel a centralised point where they can find you would help, well where better to start than on the www.Magherafelt.Biz site.


2.What’s in it for my business?


Initially, the site will offer you a way of getting on the web, with minimal knowledge and get your business competing with all those already out there. You will get an easily remembered email address and website address. All you’ll need to do is provide details of your business and let us get you online. Your business will then benefit by association with the other businesses on the site – when customers come on to the site to look at these other customers then your site will be there for them to discover what wonderful products and services you provide.


3.Already on the Web?


No probs. Having tried to find some of the local businesses with search engines very few companies could be found in an acceptable timeframe. At www.Magherafelt.Biz we appreciate how much time and effort (to say nothing about the money) was put in to getting you on-line. We will provide you with a web page and redirection service, so that customers know you are part of the Magherafelt business community.


4.Still not sure?


Try and find your business on-line as a potential customer would who doesn’t know you exist i.e. don’t just type in your company name - try putting in the service or product you supply. Then look for a taxi firm or someone to fix your boiler. If you think it’s not up to scratch, then you agree with what we at www.Magherafelt.Biz are trying to redress.


5.What is new about this?


Well for one thing we are locally based and would like to see Magherafelt community competing on the world stage.

  • It is a chance for all of Magherafelt businesses to be found in one location
  • it will show the world what services and products Magherafelt can offer
  • it means that local people can find the businesses they need quickly using an intuitive method.


6.Don’t need a web page?


Pick any major product or service you sell and see if someone isn’t already selling it on the web. That could be a local customer you’ve just lost who went searching while your shop was closed for the night. If only they’d known their local supplier had it right on their doorstep!


7.I can’t afford a new pc!


You won’t need to – so long as you can email (from home or work) then you can be up and running in a very short time. At www.Magherafelt.Biz we are trying to make this as cheap for you as possible.


8.So what do you get?


You will get a choice of packages to choose from to suit your business but the basic tools you will get are 1) an email address and 2) a web site. E.g. If your company was Omni then you would have www.Magherafelt.Biz/Omni for your web page and Omni@Magherafelt.Biz as your email address. How simple is that to remember for your customers?


9.OK – How much????


The good news is that this will not be earth-shattering. From as little as £4.99 per week, you will be up and running with a website and email address to add to your company stationary. You’ll also benefit from being part of the differing search engines www.Magherafelt.Biz will be part of – the more chance of people round the world (and at home) to find you.


10.Know your customers.


As customers email in a request for information, you’ll be able to keep their email address for future email correspondence. This means that you will be able to target customers who have expressed interest in certain products or services. You will also be able to keep all your customers electronically updated with a regular newsletter of events and sales occurring within your company.